10 Benefits of Using Organic Lawn Care in Massachusetts

Organic lawn care in Massachusetts from AllGreenWith all of us becoming more environmentally and ecologically aware of the impact that humans have on the natural world, organic lawn care in Massachusetts is becoming more popular than ever. And this mass movement towards organic lawn care can’t simply be dismissed as a fad. No, organic lawn care in Massachusetts comes with a great deal of benefits to the overall health and beauty of your property’s landscape. And, because we feel that a well-informed customer becomes a satisfied customer, we’d like to share ten benefits of going with organic lawn care.

  1. Improves root growth – Unlike traditional lawn applications, organic treatments release potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus slowly and in smaller amounts. This gives additional strength to the root system.
  2. Better soil health – Our organic lawn care treatments make soil retain moisture for longer periods of time, better aerates the soil, improves its texture, enriches the soil and makes it less compact so it can more easily take in essential water and nutrients.
  3. Biodegradable – Made from natural ingredients, organic lawn treatments are fully biodegradable and leave no harmful residue behind.
  4. Safe for soil’s ecology – Organic lawn care doesn’t harm the organisms and microbes necessary for a healthy lawn. It doesn’t harm the helpful earthworm, fungi, or other positive bacteria that greatly helps plants and grass.
  5. Safe for pets and people – With our organic lawn care in Massachusetts, you don’t have to worry about exposing you, your family, your friends, or your pets to harmful chemicals while they’re enjoying the lawn.
  6. Less water and soil pollution – Without the harsh chemicals found in many lawn treatment products, the surrounding ecosystem is left much safer.
  7. Stays in the soil longer – Unlike traditional lawn treatments, organic lawn products aren’t easily washed away during rains or excess watering so have a stronger impact on the soil.
  8. Better grass quality – Organic lawn care strengthens grass; making it less susceptible to pests and diseases while also producing a beautiful, lush looking lawn.
  9. Eliminates overfeeding or “burning” – With traditional chemical fertilizers, lawns can become too saturated with nutrients which leads to grass discoloration.
  10. Helps photosynthesis – Because organic lawn care releases carbon dioxide, the natural process of photosynthesis occurs more effectively.

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