4 Shrubs to Brighten Your Winter Landscape

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The early winter is underway, and although many New Englanders are hitting the slopes, some are missing their summertime gardens. However, lawn care in Stoughton MA and surrounding areas can provide year-round beauty if adequately prepared for. This article covers five plants to consider adding to your landscape next year to keep those winter blues at bay.


Blue Spruce

Unlike other needle-like trees that make messes in the fall, the blue spruce will hang onto its needles. Thus, you’ll have a beautiful wintertime solution with this one. The bluish-green hue is a perfect complement to the white covered New England grounds. Hardy to zones 2-7, the blue spruce is a widespread species across the U.S.. When planting, you’ll want to select an area that receives full sun.



Another green option that will hold it’s beauty covered in a coat of white it the wintergreen boxwood. Hardy in zones 4-9, this shrub is versatile in almost any landscape all year round. However, this variation of the boxwood has shallow roots, so you’ll want to be sure to provide ample coverage with mulch or hay to the base of the plant to protect the root system when the ground freezes.

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Winterberry Holly

Considered one of the showiest plants of the winter season, the winterberry holly provides bursts of bright red along the winter backdrop. However, enjoy the colorful display when you can because one this is for sure; the birds will snatch these berries up any chance they can.



Although the coneflower won’t provide color in the deepest of the winter months, it will provide your garden a last hurrah of color in the fall until the temperatures drop. Otherwise known as echinacea, these late bloomers are perfect in zones 3-9 and love the sunlight. Once the freeze passes, you can be confident these beauties will come back in full swing in the spring.


It’s never too early to start thinking about lawn care in Stoughton MA and other areas. Lucky for you, Allgreen Lawncare is here to help 365 days of the year! For more advice on how to liven up your winter landscape, contact our team at (617) 327-5555.


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