5 Reasons You Need Organic Lawn Care in Massachusetts

Organic-lawn-care-massachusettsAt AllGreen, we’re at the forefront of the “green” movement. By offering customers professional, organic lawn care in Massachusetts, they can rest easy knowing that they’re avoiding the use of harsh chemicals on their lawn and that their friends and family members won’t be exposed to such chemicals. Opting to go with organic lawn care in Massachusetts comes with a multitude of significant benefits. It makes for a non-toxic environment, doesn’t harm our natural ecosystem and, of course, leaves you with a lush and beautiful lawn!

Having provided organic lawn care in Massachusetts for so long has taught us a great deal about how effective it is to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape as well as how important being environmentally conscious really is. This is why we’d like to share five of the main benefits of organic lawn care with you today!

  1. Organic landscapes reduce pest infestation – Organic lawn care in Massachusetts creates an atmosphere in which soil acts like a sponge – more effectively holding on to essential nutrients and water that promote the healthy growth of green grass. And, when grass is able to easily absorb moisture and nutrients, its immune system grows strong enough to resist disease and pests.
  2. No toxic materials – Many studies have shown that the chemicals in synthetic lawn care products reduce bird and bee populations (making crop pollination harder), are linked to cancer in pets, may cause Hodgkin’s disease in humans and are linked to a variety of other factors that are harmful to our health.
  3. Employs ingredients that are beneficial, rather than harmful, to animals – Synthetic fertilizers produce significant run-offs that expose nearby animals and a lawn’s surrounding environment to harmful chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that about 35% of synthetic fertilizers actually make it to the grass and that only 2% of common insecticides, weed killers and fungicides make it to pests, diseases and weeds. This means that the majority of harmful chemicals simply find their way into the surrounding environment.
  4. Better for the environment – Recent studies reveal that organic lawn care in Massachusetts can reduce fossil fuel consumption and air pollution by 75%.
  5. Less lawn maintenance – Using organic lawn care, regular mowing and watering can be reduced by half while using synthetic fertilizers makes a lawn need far more maintenance to produce the same appearance.

These are but five of the many benefits of using organic lawn care in Massachusetts. We hope that the above-mentioned facts play a role in your decision-making process when it comes to your own lawn care needs and that you’ll let AllGreen further prove to you just how advantageous organic lawn care is!

If you’re interested in professional Massachusetts lawn care or have any questions on how we can help improve your lawn please contact us anytime.

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