7 Surprising Benefits of Professional Massachusetts Lawn Care

Massachusetts lawn care from AllGreenIf you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve begun the fulfilling journey towards having a beautiful, safe and healthy lawn. (*spoiler alert – overlooked benefits of a healthy lawn discussed below!) With plenty of sunny days on the horizon, you’ll want to spend time enjoying your lawn rather than working tirelessly on it. When it comes to professional Massachusetts lawn care, leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on more important things – like cookouts, entertaining friends and family or simply relaxing while taking in a little sun.

We provide a wide variety of services for people looking for Massachusetts lawn care including, but absolutely not limited to, fertilization with weed and crabgrass control, organic lawn care, grub control, core aeration, renovation with compost and seed, slice seeding and soil conditioning with lime, moss control and gypsum. Whoa, that’s a mouthful (for those of you reading aloud). In other words, our Massachusetts lawn care is thorough, technical, precise and effective – and will leave you with a lawn to brag about. But here are some little known benefits to having a healthy lawn as well.

  1. Produces a relaxing environment of natural beauty – There’s something about lush, grassy landscapes that inherently evokes feelings of peace, privacy, happiness or thoughtfulness in all of us.
  2. Tons of cool – Eight average-sized lawns have a cooling effect equal to around 70 tons of air conditioning, while average household air conditioners only have around a 3 to 4 ton capacity. That’s natural cooling at its best!
  3. Absorbs nature’s elements in a healthy way – Healthy, lush lawns absorb rain 6 times better than a wheat field, four times more effectively than hay fields and prevent erosion and runoff of precious, natural top soil, decreasing extraneous amounts of phosphorus from entering our natural waterways. Healthy lawns also trap a great deal of the estimated 12 million tons of dirt and dust released into America’s atmosphere every year!
  4. Purifying water – A healthy lawn’s root structure and soil work to filter out and disintegrate many common pollutants found in most urban environments.
  5. Significantly increases property value – A recent Gallup poll reported that 62% of all American property owners named investing in landscaping and lawn care were as good or better than other common home improvement projects. A well cared for lawn increases a property’s value, on average, by 15%.
  6. Better for our health – In a recent study, hospitalized patients that had access to a healthy landscape view recovered more quickly than those that didn’t!
  7. Safer for activities – Healthy grass acts as a cushion for anyone who may take a slight spill onto it. Anyone who’s played a friendly game of football on a healthy lawn will attest to that!

These are but a few of the many benefits that come along with AllGreen’s Massachusetts lawn care. To enjoy these, and more, get your free estimate today!

If you’re interested in professional Massachusetts lawn care or have any questions on how we can help improve your lawn please contact us anytime.

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