An Important Detail for Lawn Care in MA: You

An Important Detail for Lawn Care in MA: You

Don’t forget to take care of yourself this summer.

The mad scramble of spring is slowing into summer relaxation. You’ve taken care of mosquito control in MA and your yard is looking great. You’ve gone through all this trouble and effort so that you can enjoy your lawn this summer; here’s an important reminder to make sure you don’t spoil your days outside: Practice sun moderation. 

Massachusetts mosquito control tips
Aside from Massachusetts mosquito control, take care of pesky sun rays this summer too.

The biggest pest is the sneakiest…

Pest control in MA has one last, annoying pest, that is millions of miles away, awesomely huge, yet sneakier than the smallest insect. That pest is the sun. And (hopefully) it won’t be driven away any time soon.

After all that effort for mosquito control in Massachusetts, why let the sun bother your skin? It is hard to notice your skin becoming irritated—with mosquitoes you can see and occasionally feel them on your skin. The sun uses rays that are invisible to our naked eye, but are definitely there.


While you are either enjoying your lawn, or taking part in Massachusetts lawn care, you’ll want to make sure you are protected. Only you know how much sun exposure your skin can digest in a day, but it can often be hard to tell. You don’t know how much sun your skin has received until it’s already been harmed. Try to get into the shade every now and then to prevent long term exposure. Lawn care in MA is ultimately about your comfort, why make yourself uncomfortable for a few days?

Sun block

This goes without saying, but sun block is huge for pest control in MA. Many sunblock companies will manufacture their product to be water resistant. Some of the worst cases of sunburns come when time is spent in the water. Always apply sun block if you feel you’ll be under the sun for a long period of time.

The only thing worse than a sunburn, or a mosquito bite, is a sunburn and mosquito bites. Make sure to protect yourself against harmful rays this summer. And if you would like mosquito control in MA, feel free to call AllGreen today at 617-327-5555.

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