Best Methods for Tick Control in MA

Tick Control MAThe warm weather has finally arrived in New England.  With the warmer air comes the pesky bugs.  From gnats to mosquitos, ants to ticks, insects are waking up.  Many people have the misconception that mosquito prevention and tick control in MA is something to be dealt with late spring or early summer.  When in fact, March is the wakening month for ticks.  Tick season is most active mid-May through mid-November. With twenty-six known species on the East Coast, ticks control is a serious subject.  Whether you are hiking or enjoying your backyard, tick control is essential when protecting your family and pets.  With more than 3 million reported cases of Lyme disease each year, it is imperative to take the proper precautions when enjoying the outdoors.

Yard Prevention

With the proper maintenance of your yard, you can help keep your loved ones safe.  Tick control starts with eliminating the environment in which they thrive.  Mowing your lawn to ideal levels is the easiest method of tick control.  Long grass holds onto morning dew and creates shade.  Both are elements that attract ticks.  Thus, trimmed grass will absorb morning dew more quickly than longer grass, and leave more area for the sun to shine through.

Similarly, dead brush, twigs, and leaves are heaven to ticks.  Also creating a dark, damp spot to hide, ticks thrive in this type of vegetation.  Lastly, the overgrown bushes and vines along the perimeter of your yard that are often overlooked should be trimmed regularly.

Human Prevention

Beyond yard maintenance, there are many options for human tick control in the MA area.  Avoiding areas of long grass, and being mindful when in or around the woods is vital.  However, products in the form of sprays and lotions offer an added layer of protection.  Although many of these have been proven effective, some people prefer to avoid them due to the active ingredients.  Natural solutions can be used as well.  Essential oils such as geranium, peppermint, and citrus blends often deter ticks from latching on.  Always be sure to check yourself when coming in from the outdoors.

Animal Prevention

There are several types of tick prevention available for animals.  Options range from collars, powders, and liquids.  There are several factors to consider when deciding on your ideal preventative.  Some tick control preventative are harmful to children, some require monthly attending, and others are one-and-done for the season.  Always check with your vet when making the final decision on tick prevention.


Allgreen Lawn Care understands how important your family and pets are to you.  Offering tick control in MA with single treatments or treatment programs, Allgreen can put your mind at ease.  We offer both traditional treatments as well as organic alternatives.  Contact them today to schedule trick control treatment for your yard before it’s too late (781) 762-7080.


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