Common Lawn Disease: Signs and Treatment

lawn care Newton MALeaf spot is a general term referring to a vast amount of diseases found outdoors this time of year.  Generally located on the foliage of shade and ornamental trees, leaf spot can affect areas of your lawn as well. Also referred to melting-out, leaf spot can destroy an entire lawn if not treated early.  Thus, lawn care in Newton, MA, and surrounding areas should consider professional treatment sooner than later as Spring is the optimal time for fungi to grow.


Leaf Spot Stage

The first stage alerting you that your lawn may have a potential issue is leaf spot.  Dormant for the cold winter months, fungi will resurface once temperatures reach 55 degrees.  Warmer air combined with moisture from melting snow and spring rain, allows the fungus to begin growing.  A sure sign that your lawn is diseased is noticeable dark spots on the blades of grass.  Although sometimes confused for burning, leaf spot lawn disease leads the way for more severe lawn damage.

Melting-Out Stage

As the hot summer days roll in, your lawn will phase into the second stage, melting-out.  Significantly more serious then the first stage, melting-out will cause severe damage to the crowns and roots of your lawn.  Often mistaken for drought damage, or underfed grass, melting-out leaves the appearance of a dried-out, hay-like lawn.


The best way to prevent lawn disease is with regular, routine maintenance.  Frequent watering at optimal times of the day is imperative.  Also, keeping a well-fed, trimmed lawn will help to keep moisture levels at their optimum range.  Because time is valuable, with the use of professional services, you can be sure your lawn is kept on track.


If you’re not entirely certain on whether or not lawn disease is of concern, contact All Green today.  Providing lawn care to Newton, MA, and surrounding areas, All Green can help with a variety of lawn services.  From lawn care to weed control and tick prevention, the experts at All Green can have you back outdoors enjoying a plush green yard this season.  Visit them online or call today for more information on lawn care (781) 762-7080.

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