Could your health be at risk?

As of August 21, 2012, the CDC stated they have received 697 reported cases of West Nile Virus, in 44 states. This is the highest number of cases reported in the second week of August since the virus was discovered in 1999. A dry winter, coupled with a wet spring, and a dry, hot summer have created perfect conditions for breeding of mosquitoes this year.

The south has been the hardest hit by this virus, with an epidemic so problematic, that Dallas has sprayed for them for the first time in 50 years. Most recently, there have been deaths in Michigan and Illinois. But what IS WNV, and how can we prevent it??Mosquito biting

First, WNV is a disease that affects birds, and is spread by mosquitoes, to humans. Human cases typically peak in the late summer, to early fall. However, there have been a significantly larger number of human cases this year. Some people showing no symptoms, while others will experience inflammation of the brain and surrounding tissue. So, what do we do? First, if you are looking for mosquito control in Massachusetts, contact AllGreen Lawn care. They specialize in insect control for your property. A technician from Allgreen will come to your home, assess the problem areas, and explain how they can be dealt with. They have spraying programs in place, to eradicate your home of mosquitoes. They are up to date on all information coming from gov’t sources about problem areas, and are ready and capable of addressing the problem.

Important thing to know: Avoiding mosquito bites is the best way to stay ‘disease free’. Try to be indoors between the dusk and daylight hours, but if you must go out, take some precautions.

  • First, apply insect repellent to exposed skin when going outdoors, making sure the repellent you choose will last the entire time you are outdoors. Don’t let kids handle repellent on their own, and don’t let them get it on their hands.
  • Second, wear long sleeved shirts and pants outdoors.
  • It’s all about prevention. Put mosquito netting over baby carriers when going outdoors with an infant.
  • Keep all window screens in good repair.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Drain any standing water that mosquitoes can lay eggs and breed. This includes Emptying stagnant water from flower pots, pet food and water dishes, birdbaths, swimming pool covers, buckets, barrels, old tires and cans. Check for clogged gutters and any other hidden containers or areas where water might pool around your home.
  • Lastly, DO NOT rely on ‘ultrasonic’ devices or vitamin B to protect you from bites, they simply do NOT work.

There is currently no treatment or preventative medicine for WNV, if you, or someone you know is showing signs, get them to a doctor. If your family has outdoor activities, seriously consider having your property treated. It will keep your family safe, and give you peace of mind.

AllGreen services the following areas: We provide services for most of Eastern Massachusetts including West Roxbury, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Newton, Needham, Brookline, Brighton, Allston, Westwood, Norwood, Wellesley, Walpole, Medfield, Dedham, Chestnut Hill, Canton, Milton, Stoughton, Quincy, Weymouth, Easton, Sharon, Brockton, Bridgewater & More!

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