Crabgrass Control with Lawn Programs in MA

Digitaria, otherwise known as crabgrass, is a species of weed that many New Englanders are familiar with.  Although crabgrass is used as food and beverage in some areas of the world, most people want it removed from their yards permanently.  Providing organic lawn care in Massachusetts, Allgreen Lawn Care offers lawn programs to help reduce, and eliminate this pesky weed from taking over your yard and gardens.  However, timing is essential when it comes to crabgrass control.

The Facts

Crabgrass in New England is an annual plant.  Producing up to 150,000 seeds per season, crabgrass can quickly take over your lawn and gardens.  If you are lucky and catch it early, pulling the plant and root from the ground in its entirety may prevent spreading.  However, once established, the plants will quickly spread, leaving behind bare spots once frost hits.  Although the plant may appear to die off, the seeds stay intact during the winter months and await the warming soil to sprout their ugly blades once again.


Crabgrass needs open conditions for growth.  Once it is established, crabgrass will dominate thin, under-fertilized areas.  In the fall when the plants die off, homeowners will find large voids in their once full lawn.  The cycle continues with germination beginning in late-spring.  Thus, it is imperative to apply pre-emergent control methods early in the season.  However, the best way to control crabgrass is by having a healthy yard.

Controlling crabgrass is best achieved by maintaining a thicker lawn covering.  It is recommended that you mow your grass once it is 2 ½ – 3 inches in height.  Also, be sure to regularly apply lawn food to keep your grass at its healthiest state.  It is recommended that every 6-8 weeks homeowners should apply feed to their lawn.


If lawn care in Massachusetts seems a tedious and timely chore that you have no time for, contact your local lawn care experts.  A local, family oriented, and environmentally conscious company, AllGreen Lawn Care specializes in organic lawn care in Massachusetts.  To request your free estimate on their lawn programs, click here, or call AllGreen Lawn Care at (617) 327-5555.  Going beyond customer expectations, AllGreen will have your crabgrass at bay in time for backyard gatherings on a lush, full yard of green, healthy grass.

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