Diseases Carried by Ticks Other Than Lyme Disease

Tick control in MA from AllGreenFor some homeowners, treating their lawns for ticks might be at the bottom of their chores list for the spring season. These insects are so tiny, how much damage can they really cause? AllGreen believes quite a bit. Ticks feed on blood by fastening themselves to the skin of animals and humans, and plenty of these ticks carry disease.

As a business that deals with tick control in MA, we have heard all the horror stories associated with tick bites from our customers and the impacts it has had on their family. Though many of us in the New England area are familiar with Lyme Disease, there are other illnesses ticks have been known to carry around the country that can cause serious health problems.


This disease usually occurs in animals but can be passed to humans by insects such as ticks. Symptoms include high fever, chills, ulcer-like sore where the bite occurred, swollen glands, nausea, and vomiting.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever

This bacterial infection is often given to humans through wood and dog ticks. If not treated, symptoms can include muscle and joint pains, headaches, rash, nausea, and vomiting.

Colorado tick fever

Ticks pass this disease to humans with symptoms including fever, chills, headaches, muscle and joint aches, and sensitivity to light,


Ehrlichiosis is an infection disease given to humans by ticks. Like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, its symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, and distinctive purple or red rashes.

Fortunately, many of these diseases are not often found in Massachusetts or the northeastern states, but investing in lawn care that will protect our family and pets against the illnesses associated with ticks is a must. AllGreen has the defense you need and want for your yard.

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