Don’t Let the Fear of Tick-Borne Disease Ruin Your Summer!

The state of Massachusetts has one of the highest numbers of reported cases of tick-borne diseases in the United States. While Lyme’s disease is one of the most well known, ehrlichiosis is another common tick-borne disease that affects people. Additionally, we recently discovered another seven germs spread by ticks that affect people. As many people already know, tick control in MA is more critical than it has ever been. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from tick-related diseases.

Personal Protection

Vigilance is key to reducing your chances of being exposed to tick-related diseases. There are several things you can do to protect yourself and your family. Always apply bug spray, especially when you are in an area where you might find ticks. Whether you make your own or prefer a Deet based spray, bug spray is an essential line of defense against ticks and other insects.

Other recommendations are that you wear light-colored protective long-sleeved shirts and pants. Also, tuck your pants legs into your socks to keep ticks from grabbing on to loose hems and crawling onto your body unnoticed. And always do regular tick checks on all family members in the morning and before bed.

If you find a tick, don’t panic. The bug needs to attach for 24 hours or more before most tick-borne diseases are transmitted. If it is attached, use a pointy pair of tweezers to pull it from the skin. Then dispose of the tick, or wrap it tightly in tape and save it in a plastic bag to show your doctor.

Keep Ticks out of Your Yard tick control ma

Keeping your family tick free shouldn’t be an all-consuming worry this summer. You should be free to enjoy those backyard barbecues without worrying about whether your family members will become ill afterward. Doing what you can to keep ticks out of your yard will go a long way towards keeping your family safe from tick-borne diseases.

The best solution for tick control in MA is to have a professional lawn care company like AllGreen treat your yard for insects. Then you can rest assured that your backyard is a safe space for you to enjoy.

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