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Don’t Want to Deal With Harsh Pesticides?

Massachusetts mosquito control from AllGreenAllGreen offers effective mosquito control in Massachusetts that doesn’t have the negative side effects that traditional pesticides have. As part of our organic lawn care services, we provide customers with mosquito control that they don’t have to be fearful of. And fear about mosquito control in Massachusetts is currently a hot button issue for the state.

In a recent article published by The Salem News entitled “Opt-out Calls Snag Mosquito Spraying,” it is reported that hundreds of property owners around Massachusetts are choosing not to have mosquito spraying done near their homes or places of business because of concerns about pesticides.

While the state reminds citizens that they’re not using DDT to combat mosquito populations, state health officials still report that exposure to the pesticides used by the state can cause shortness of breath, irritation of the eyes, ears and throat, and nausea. When the state sprays the region with pesticides, it is often dispersed at night by truck or helicopter, and health officials encourage citizens to keep windows closed, stay indoors, keep pets inside, and to turn off window fans. This doesn’t exactly paint a safe picture of the state’s mosquito control methods in Massachusetts.

Controlling Mosquito Populations

Mosquito populations must be controlled somehow, however, because more mosquitoes mean more opportunities for people to be exposed to West Nile Virus and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). In 2012, the state recorded 33 human cases of West Nile virus in which two resulted in death. In 2013, the recorded number of West Nile virus dropped, but not enough to alleviate concerns about exposure to mosquitoes infected with potentially deadly viruses.

Working with AllGreen, however, mosquito control in Massachusetts doesn’t have to be such a frightening experience. Our organic lawn care can let you rest easy knowing that you’re less likely to be bitten by infected mosquitoes and that you are using mosquito control methods that won’t produce symptoms brought on by traditional pesticides. AllGreen works to create and maintain lawns that provide safe environments for people to enjoy. We believe that the sunny days of summer don’t have to be filled with fear or anxiety, but rather with quality time shared with friends and family.

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