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MA mosquito control from AllGreenWhen looking forward to those long, sunny days of summer, the last thing anyone wants to dwell on are thoughts of catching a mosquito-borne disease by simply enjoying the comfort of their own lawns. Professional, safe MA mosquito control is a very serious service that we provide at affordable rates. It is a service that can give you with both peace of mind and a safe lawn to enjoy with friends and family. And, now that it’s officially National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, we’re doing our part to spread the word about the potential dangers posed by even the smallest of mosquito bites.

This week sheds light on the importance of MA mosquito control by spreading awareness of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, malaria, and others. Protecting yourself from mosquito bites in MA has become a hot topic because of a recent study conducted by the pest control company Orkin, and a related ABC News article entitled “The Worst U.S. Cities for Mosquitoes.” Unfortunately, Boston, MA ranked #7 among the top 20 worst cities for mosquitoes.

Not Just a Minor Threat

As you may or may not know, mosquitoes are the number one animal responsible for human deaths in the world. They breed rapidly and have evolved to become one of the most effective carriers of disease in nature. Their ability to transmit potentially deadly diseases to humans can never be underestimated and it’s of grave importance that everyone in MA do everything in their power to decrease their chances of being bitten. Combining our professional MA mosquito control with simple tips like using bug spray, covering up when outside and emptying any sources of standing water can be highly effective toward keeping you and your family safe this summer.

Scientists are also reporting that, because MA experienced less rainfall than usual in May 2015, hot and dry weather conditions have formed and become perfect breeding grounds for the “culex” mosquito – a species infamous for carrying West Nile Virus. In an article published by the Framingham Daily News entitled “Dry weather means potential bump in West Nile this summer,” executive director of the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project, Tim Deschamps, was quoted as saying “One of the kind of strange things that can happen during periods of drought is the culex mosquito can sometimes have a more favorable condition to develop. Without frequent rain events (to wash away the larva in the drains), they become higher in organic matter and (the mosquitoes) prefer that habitat.”

So, with experts agreeing on the urgency of mosquito control, let AllGreen provide you with professional pest control to leave you with a safe and healthy lawn today!

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