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Lawn care in MA from AllGreenWhen it comes to lawn care, it can be tempting to pick up the cheapest treatment and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that’s not always the safest option. When it comes to your lawn, you have to be careful not to upset the natural balance of things. Here at AllGreen, we’re dedicated to making sure our products and services get the job done without hurting the environment. That’s why we use only organic lawn care products whenever possible.


The Importance of Aeration

Traditional lawn care products don’t work for several reasons. The false claims create unrealistic expectations, or they kill everything in sight, not just weeds. Additionally, they could not work because you’re not taking the proper steps to get the product into the soil. Enter aeration. In this process, you remove part of the ground to make the dirt less compact and more accessible to nutrients. Doing this before any treatment can make it more effective.

Lime Treatments

In New England, our soil is naturally acidic, which can inhibit the growth of some greenery. To combat this, you can apply limestone regularly. This corrects the nutrient balance in the soil, making it easier for turf and other plants to grow. Using natural solutions to problems rather than dangerous chemicals is what makes organic lawn care more sustainable.

When it comes to using organic products, you may seem skeptical about how well they’ll perform. But the professionals here at AllGreen know precisely what to do to whip your lawn into shape. They’ll combine traditional methods, like aeration and keeping your grass at an optimal height, with perfect timing to make the most out of our treatments. Timing your treatments correctly and aligning them before the germination of weed plants can make them more useful without adding harsh chemicals.

The environment is our bread and butter, and we want it to stay beautiful. You can help maintain a healthy lawn and environment by switching to organic lawn care products and techniques. Visit our site here for more information.

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