Facts You Didn’t Know About Ticks

You’ve heard all the basics about ticks from control companies in MA like AllGreen, but there are plenty of2 ticks on a blade of grass odd facts about ticks you might not be aware of! As a company that specializes in caring for your yard, here’s some information we wanted to share!

Ticks aren’t actually insects

They are in fact, arachnids. To put it simply, they have a closer biologic relation to spiders than what you would consider a typical “bug” or “insect.” With their eight legs, they fall under the subcategory, “Parasitiformes.”

Ticks are not usually born with disease or illness

We most often associate illness, such as Lyme Disease, with ticks because they are often the transporter. As far as we can tell, they carry these diseases and illnesses because they attach themselves to infected hosts, such as deer and mice.

Ticks do not fly or jump

It might seem like they get on your skin in the most random ways, but they are such incredibly stealthy creatures. The way they get onto our clothes from the tips of grass, trees, and other shrubbery before latching.

There are over 850 types of ticks

It’s hard to imagine 850 types of anything, but they exist! Around 90 species have been found in the United States alone, and a handful have the ability to carry the diseases we worry so much about such as Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

Fortunately, Lyme Disease and other illnesses are not a problem with AllGreen. We can provide the tick control your Massachusetts home needs to protect your loved ones and pets from the dangers ticks can cause to our families.

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