Fall is the Perfect Time for Our Lawn Programs in MA

Lawn programs in MA from AllGreenMany people are under the false assumption that their lawns don’t need as much attention during the fall months. Whether they think that grass grows too slowly during fall or that it will simply be soon covered by snow anyway, many homeowners just don’t spend too much time thinking about their lawns before winter. However, grass works overtime in the fall by absorbing moisture, nutrients, and energy in preparation for a long winter. And, at AllGreen, we provide lawn programs in MA that, combined with a few lawn care tips, can reward you with a healthy, lush spring lawn.

  • Don’t stop mowing – Throughout the fall months, continue to mow and water your lawn as needed. When the season draws to a close, lower your mower’s blade to its lowest setting the last two times you mow your lawn for the year. This lets more sunlight reach the crown of the grass and leaves less grass leaf to turn brown when winter comes.
  • Soil core aeration – As part of our lawn programs in MA, we effectively aerate your lawn’s soil so that nutrients, water, oxygen, and fertilizer can more easily reach the grass’ root zone.
  • Rake your leaves regularly – Don’t wait for all the leaves to fall onto your lawn before raking them up. If left unattended, leaves can build up and create an impenetrable covering that can suffocate grass while breeding fungal diseases.
  • Fertilization – Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn because, while the grass leaves grow more slowly; their roots continue to grow at a rapid pace. A fall application of fertilizer provides nutrients essential for grass to grow deep roots now and to keep nutrients well-stocked for a healthy spring start. Let AllGreen provide your lawn with effective fertilization at this crucial time.
  • Weed control – AllGreen offers critical weed repellent services only to areas of your lawn that need it. And, like all other plants during fall, weeds are greedily absorbing everything they can – including weed killers. Take advantage of this time and let AllGreen get your weeds under control today!

If you’re interested in our fall lawn programs in MA, contact us at: 617-327-5555

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