Flea and Tick Control for Massachusetts Lawns

Fleas and ticks can be harmful to you, your family, and even your beloved pets that often spend time on your lawn. Animals such as raccoons or possums act as transporters of ticks and fleas to residential areas.  Our services control the spread of pests such as fleas or ticks around lawns all over Massachusetts.

We coat your lawn with a synthesized effort of granular and liquid solutions to protect your family’s health and save you the hassle!

Health – Fleas and ticks may transmit an illness called “Borrelia burgdorferi,” more commonly known as Lyme disease. This disease has been reported in the northeastern United States, and is prevalent in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and right here in our backyard of Massachusetts.  Deer ticks are the usual vessels of Lyme disease in the northeast region. If your lawn goes un-kept, it may become a grassy neighborhood for Deer Ticks to infest. The Deer Tick does not discriminate between you, your pet, or even cattle when feeding on warm blood and transmitting diseases. Our flea and tick control services will control harmful viruses affecting your family.

Avoid the Hassle – Fleas and tick preventatives can be a costly and tough process to go through if your animals become infected. Often the chemicals in preventative products can cause more problems than they solve for lawns, pets, and people. Some supermarket products contain pesticides that can poison your pet! We offer safe and responsible pest control to your lawn, to ensure you are protected before the problem even arises.

Tick removal can be a very uncomfortable endeavor. If addressed promptly, you can increase the likelihood of Lyme disease contraction.  In the event an animal, or member of your family, have been bit by a tick please follow these tick removal instructions:

–         Grasp the tick with tweezers right at the base of the skin.

–         Be careful not to squeeze it and run the risk of more bacteria spread.       

–         Pull the tick straight out in a firm and controlled grip.

–         For peace of mind you can have the tick evaluated by a professional.

If you would like to inquire about our pest removal services for your lawn and home in Massachusetts, please call now at (617) 327-5555.

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