Four Reasons Why You Need Tree Pruning

tree pruningToo often, we get caught up in the little things and forget all about preventative maintenance that isn’t obvious. While observing your tree is easy enough, it’s hard to tell when something goes on more in-depth on the surface. Tree pruning is an excellent way to make a difference in your tree, and AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care highly suggest it. It’s quite beneficial.



1.) Prevent insect invasions

Diseased, dead, or decaying branches are akin to welcome mats for insects and diseases alike. Before you know it, a tree can get infested with bugs and cause your tree to decay. However, with careful pruning, you can make your tree healthy enough to prevent invasion and damage.


2.) Increase safety

Broken, decaying branches will eventually break. When they do, they can cause safety hazards. It’s good to prepare for security and keep harmful branches at bay, so everyone who enters your yard stays safe.


3.) Maintenance

Tree pruning isn’t just for cases involving potential hazards or insects. Pruning is also useful for simple support. A quality prune job can maintain the integrity and structure of a tree, which improves its health and keeps it alive much longer than it would without help.


4.) Growth

If an area of your tree isn’t growing as it should, you need to get it pruned. The service can efficiently stimulate growth in trees after it occurs. Or, if you find an area becoming too much to handle, you can easily restrict growth through pruning.



Tree pruning is practical and makes your tree the healthiest it can be. Our team of experts is happy to help you out and keep your entire yard looking beautiful. If you need pruning or other lawn and tree services, call AllGreen at (617)-327-5555 (West Roxbury location) or (781)-762-7080 (Norwood location) and see what we can do for you today!

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