Four Things That Indicate Poor Lawn Health

A critical part of Massachusetts lawn care is maintaining the health of your lawn. The tricky part about ensuring your yard is in good shape is that there is so much to absorb: small grass blades, soil, insects, and more. However, there are some indications of poor lawn health you can easily see. Bear the following in mind and contact AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care if you need expert advice.



1.) Dark Colors

As many people know, a green lawn is a healthy lawn. If you notice that your garden looks too light, tan, brown, or otherwise discolored, your lawn probably needs some TLC and additional care. Discoloration is a simple tell-tale sign that the grass is not hydrated.


2.) Dry Texture

When grass is dry and brittle, it’s not getting the moisture it needs. Be sure to water your lawn consistently. It’s one of the most critical parts of Massachusetts lawn care, and we always encourage people to water their lawns on a consistent level.


3.) Odd Shapes or Patches

Insects love lawns and will make themselves at home quickly if your yard doesn’t get treated. As they settle and eat around the grass, they’ll carve a space in your lawn that will no longer receive the moisture and care it needs. Your entire yard should be green and not contain patches.


4.) Excessive Weeds, Crabgrass, Etc.

Any of these things making an appearance is an indicator that your lawn hasn’t been cut or maintained for some time. If you notice them and want to get them under control, AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care is here to help.



If you take the time to look out for these warning signs, you’ll be able to bring it back to looking great. For Massachusetts lawn care you can trust, contact AllGreen. Give us a call in West Roxbury (617)-327-5555 or Norwood (781)-762-7080 and see what we can do for you today!

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