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Everyone loves animals, but not necessarily on their lawn or in their home. One of the lawn care programs we offer around Massachusetts is Goose Control.

Canadian geese often stop by Massachusetts during their migratory journeys to cold breeding grounds. They are seen here in Stoughton Massachusetts and around the greater New England area. Today, they can be seen year round in all four seasons. They are the second largest waterfowl around North America, averaging 12 pounds in size, and often forage in groups on residential lawns. They make lawn care very difficult around Massachusetts if not controlled.

It’s common for a goose to damage the following things while seeking shelter during molting periods:

  • Crops
  • Plants or gardens
  • Patio furniture or outside personal property
  • Lawns (they are often seen on golf courses)

Aside from the disturbance of their honking, packs of geese will often leave behind a large—and largely unpleasant mess—averaging over a pound of fecal matter per day. The bacteria they leave behind may also contribute to the growth of weeds if you’re around a body of water or a wet area. They will contaminate pools, waterscapes, and fountains. Purifying these structures will cost owners more time and money than they care to spend on a problem that should never have occurred in the first place.

Our Goose Deterrent Control Program

 If you want to ensure your lawn in Massachusetts is cared for and maintained, we can deter geese from the area. Our safe and effective spray applications will naturally keep the pests off your lawn and out of mind. We isolate the areas that geese have been grazing and treat the area with an extract concentrate from grapes to make the area unfavorable to geese.

Homeowner Goose Prevention Tips

 Similar to seagulls and ducks, geese will be “repeat offenders” if they are fed or given hospitality on a property. It may be tempting to feed a seemingly harmless animal, but keep in mind it reinforces the idea that they will be fed in that area.

If you own waterfront property, the spot will be less attractive for geese to inhabit if the grass is tall. While this may not be the best compromise for the owners, it is a great solution for seasonal homes or lake houses to discourage congregation. Fencing off an area can aid the problem, but owners may not necessarily prefer impending structures or their cost.

 If you are interested in goose control for your lawn, please call us at (617)327-5555.

 We are a locally owned and operated company out of Stoughton, Massachusetts.

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