Dead Grass Patches Could Mean Grubs

As the weather continues to get warmer, lawn care projects in Wellesly, MA, and surrounding towns are underway. From pruning to reseeding, everything is slowly coming to life. Well, it should be anyway. If you’re struggling with dead patches of grass, there may be an underlying issue that needs attention. While there’s no need for alarm if you encounter a few grubs, shovels full of dirt producing several of these pests call for action. At AllGreen Lawn Care, we have the solutions to solve the problem.


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Understanding the problem

At first glance, grubs look like an insect. However, grubs are the beetle larva. In Massachusetts, grubs typically tend to be the larva of the Japanese Beetle. While these beetles feed and lay eggs during the early summer months, if left untreated, they hibernate during the winter and resurface in the spring.

By burying themselves deep into the soil, grubs can survive even the harshest winters. Then, as the soil warms in the spring, grubs dig back to the upper levels of the soil, preparing to emerge as beetles in the early summer. And, so, the cycle continues.

Grubs are invasive and highly destructive to grass. Once hatched, the grub immediately feeds on the roots of your grass and other organic matter leaving behind the dead patches of grass you may be battling.



Common indicators of a grub population

One of the most obvious signs that you have a growing grub population is random spots of dead grass appearing across your lawn. However, there are other easy to spot signs as well. Below are a few of the most common indicators:


Holes from birds

Birds love grubs. If you’re noticing an increase of birds hopping around your yard, in combination with tiny holes, chances are, there are grubs in your soil


Dead patches lift easily

Grubs feed on the roots of your grass. As the root system is destroyed, the grass will die. Furthermore, without a secure root system,  the dead patches of grass will easily lift from the ground.


Spongy surface

If your lawn feels like it’s water-logged, this is another sign of grubs. This spongy feeling happens even before the grass begins to die off.


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Prevention & Maintenance

The best way to avoid a destructive grub population is to eliminate them before they hatch. With preventative maintenance from our team at AllGreen Lawn Care, you can leave the worry of unwanted, destructive pests behind.

For all of your Wellesley, MA lawn care needs, contact our team today at (781) 762-7080, or fill out our online form to request your free estimate.



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