Have You Heard of the Lone Star Tick?

Nearly every homeowner in MA who has invested in tick control has heard of tick-borne illnesses such as Tick in palm of person's handPOW and Lyme Disease. The severe implications of these diseases leave many fearing for the safety of their families and pets. Though you might feel like an expert on ticks having protected your home against them and invested some time researching, there is another tick-related medical phenomenon to know about, and it’s the impacts of a bite by a lone star tick.

What does the lone star tick potentially cause? A lifelong allergic reaction to meat.

Doctors in the eastern part of the United States are facing more and more cases of meat allergies related to lone star tick bites. This tick can transmit a type of sugar into a human that it is not accustomed to. In reaction, your body will have either an immune or allergic response. If your body has an allergic response and then consume meat which can contain the same sugars, you could then begin an allergic reaction to said-meat. Allergic reactions to this illness are similar to other food allergies and could include shortness of breath, hives, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Similar to cases of other tick-borne illnesses in the result of our warmer climate in the winter, lone star tick bites are becoming more widespread. Professionals are asking all to be aware of tick bites in a new way and paying attention to these odd symptoms they might be experiencing after the fact.

Having another tick-related concern to add to your growing list, it’s time to invest in the right lawn care protection in Massachusetts for these insects. AllGreen has the programs you want for the summer time to defend these threats from impacting your family and other loved ones.

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