Home Remedies for MA Mosquito Control

Here at AllGreen Lawn Care, we understand the importance of quality MA mosquito control. Although small and seemingly harmless, mosquitoes often carry diseases that can be extremely harmful to our health. We offer full and half season treatments, with an option for organic therapies, to help protect your family from these dangerous pests. But in between lawn treatments or for extra protection, you can also try some of these home remedies.

Dump Still Water

Before you start brewing some magical potion to rid your yard of the problems, it may be wise to consider if there are things in and around your home that are attracting the bugs. For example, still water can act as a breeding ground, so be sure to empty buckets and kiddie pools after you use them or after heavy rain. Keeping your grass short can also minimize their presence.


If you still feel you have a problem after you take the above preemptive measures, there are other things you can do. Garlic is an ingredient in many commercial anti-mosquito products, so there is some weight behind the idea that eating garlic can reduce their attraction. The amount of garlic you’d have to eat is unknown, however.

Plant-Based Remedies

If you’re not a fan of garlic, there are other plant-based alternatives out there. Chives, for example, have been proven to repel mosquitoes and can be a useful alternative to traditional MA mosquito control. The best part is, you don’t even have to eat them! Home studies have shown that they are helpful if you put a few stalks in a jar as a centerpiece! Dryer sheets are also a better smelling alternative to garlic. It’s said that you can rub dryer sheets on exposed skin to prevent being bitten as well.

Although we do recommend the assistance of a professional from AllGreen, these natural alternatives can help keep the bugs at bay between lawn treatments. For more information about our MA mosquito control services, please visit our website here.

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