How Can I Prevent Tick-Borne Illnesses?

With all of the concern for ticks in MA, how can we control their ability to reach us? AllGreen understands the concern, and we have a few suggestions to prevent tick-borne illnesses from becoming a problem for you, your family, and your pets.

Avoid areas ticks are often found

We’re not saying to avoid the outdoors entirely, but avoiding areas with tall grasses, lots of trees, and other similar elements can help you prevent ticks from latching onto your skin and making a meal of you!

Groom your landscape and fix up your home

Keeping up with your yard and ensuring your landscape is not the ideal place for ticks to hang out is a must! Rodents are often the largest carriers of ticks and pass along their diseases. Be sure your home is boarded and protected from rodents making nests in or around your home. Cut your grass, trim back tree branches and bushes, and take other proper measures to discourage wildlife from coming into your yard with plants rodents don’t like.

Dress for ticks

If you will be outside or in areas that are known to house ticks, be sure you’re prepared with the appropriate clothing. Long sleeves, pants, and close-toed shoes are ideal for keeping ticks off of your skin and from attaching.

Always check for ticks when returning inside

Not every tick bite means you have an illness, and catching these bites early can decrease your chances quite a bit. Not only is it ideal for the safety of those who were outside, but it’s also a great precaution for anyone inside of your home to prevent other bites, such as on animals and babies.

Treat your yard

They say they best offense is a great defense, and tick control for your Massachusetts yard could be the perfect solution. AllGreen can provide single or three-treatment programs to keep your land free of ticks and the illnesses they carry.

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