How to Celebrate National Picnic Month Like a Boss

Did You Know that July is National Picnic Month?

Nothing beats a summer picnic with friends and family. After a slew of cold and rainy months that keep us inside, the beautiful and sunny month of July is a great time to be outside with friends and family, eating watermelon and chicken salad sandwiches, followed by a friendly game of frisbee. Those who have kept up with their Massachusetts lawn care needs can even celebrate with daily picnics in their yard if they want. 

We’ve come up with a list of fun picnic ideas to celebrate the month.

Tea Party Picnic

If you have a little girl in your family, you are no stranger to tea parties. Why not delight her with a tea party picnic? Make some tiny sandwiches and desserts, and bring out some treasured teacups for serving tea. Fancy clothing required!

Movie Night Picnic

Who doesn’t love movie night? Popcorn, hot dogs, and CANDY! Set up an old sheet and a projector and take movie night outside for a movie night picnic your family will never forget.

Fort Picnic

Every kid loves to build a fort, and every adult has fond memories of playing in forts as a child. For a fort picnic, you can make a fort, or just a tent for an epic picnic that your kids will beg for again and again.

Pajama Breakfast Picnic

Break out the blanket and the picnic basket before anyone even changes out of their pajamas! Eggs and waffles and sunshine! Oh my!

Circus Picnic

Get some cotton candy and popcorn ready for this picnic. When you’re done eating, practice circus tricks together as a family. It’s sure to be loads of fun as the kids watch dad try to juggle!

There are so many fun things you can do to celebrate National Picnic Month! If you need even more inspiration, there are more to choose from here.

Massachusetts lawn care

Picnics are a great way to make special memories as a family while enjoying the opportunity to be outdoors. But being outside means exposure to pests like mosquitoes and ticks. If you want to enjoy a picnic in your yard this month, your Massachusetts lawn care should be up to date. No one wants ticks and mosquitoes, or an unhealthy lawn to ruin the fun. 

If you want to make sure pests don’t get in the way of your backyard picnic fun, call AllGreen in our West Roxbury, MA office at 617-327-5555, or our Norwood, MA office at 781-762-7080. Or you can visit our ! We are here to take care of your Massachusetts lawn care needs!

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