How to Eliminate Creeping Charlie Like a Boss

Ground ivy is one of the most common and difficult to control weeds that homeowners deal with all over the country, including in Massachusetts. This aggressive, low-growing perennial prefers shady and moist areas. It establishes roots wherever the leaf attaches to the stem, making it difficult, if not impossible, to remove by hand. Also known as creeping Charlie, this is one lawn care in MA issue that is not fun.

What is the Best Time to Treat Violets and Ground Ivy?

The best time to treat ground ivy is in the fall or the spring. The fall, in particular, is when herbicides that work well against the plant work best.

What is the Best Way to Kill Ground Ivy?

Ground ivy is resistant to many herbicides, which makes killing it off difficult. Homeowners dealing with this pervasive weed will have more luck if they utilize methods to control it rather than try to kill it. 

The best way to control ground ivy is to aggressively seed thin patches in your lawn, and eliminate shady and moist areas where the ivy likes to grow. It also helps to utilize proper mowing practices and take care to improve the overall health of your lawn.

As mentioned earlier, if you are going to apply an herbicide, the best time to do it is in the early fall when daytime temperatures are in the 60s or low 70s. We highly recommend hiring a professional to apply the herbicide. A professional can prevent accidental misuse that can cause the treatment to not work at best, or cause illness at worst.

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What is Ground Ivy Good For?

Ground ivy is a useful plant, even if it doesn’t feel like it when it is taking over your lawn. It is used as a medicine to cure or ease for many ailments. It is also used as a flavoring in food manufacturing. When you are waging war against the ivy on your turf, remember that it does have a useful purpose.

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