How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Yard

If your yard seems to be the hub for all local mosquitoes, there are a few different suggestions AllGreen hasMA mosquito control from AllGreen to help clear your yard of these pests. As a company that has been helping MA homeowners with mosquito control for years, we have learned a thing or two about simple ways to change your yard which allow you to enjoy it again without the bug bites and frustration.

Get rid of standing water

Clogged gutters, flower pots filled with rain water, and improper drainage can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes! If water is left untouched for even a week in the warmer months, mosquitoes will begin to use those areas to reproduce. Same goes for unused pools and fountains!

Remove debris in yard

Leaves and grass clippings are common debris to have around a yard, especially when you live in New England and face the changing seasons. These items can collect moisture, which can attract mosquitoes. A little yard clean up can help eliminate the possibility of breeding.

Cut back shrubbery

Mosquitoes feed on more than just blood! When they aren’t bothering you, mosquitoes will often utilize plant nectar for food. Additionally, they are found a lot in unkempt grass and plants to avoid the heat during the day.

Invest in mosquito control in Massachusetts

Though there are plenty of steps you can take in your yard to prevent mosquitoes from flocking, there are additional services to help eliminate them throughout the summer. AllGreen offers mosquito spray programs that are affordable and effective at keeping mosquitoes from ruining your summer fun and will protect your family from illness and disease.

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