Is Your Lawn Doing Well This Spring?

Massachusetts lawn careAs with many things, people often imagine that the best time to get Massachusetts lawn care is when things go south. Of course, you should call a professional when your lawn desperately needs some TLC. That’s why we’re here! Still, a lot of critical care is more preparation-based than immediate action. For example, getting your lawn acclimated to the spring season after a harsh winter. We have plenty of solutions for your garden to bring it back to its glory. If you’re wondering if you need some assistance, bear these issues in mind.



  • Dry grass

Grass should always be green and healthy in appearance. If it’s brown, yellow, or some other color, that’s a definite indicator that your yard is dehydrated and needs assistance. Discoloration is relatively common when people enter spring since that grass remained trapped under snow and ice for a whole season.


  • Holes or other signs of damage

Lots of animals need shelter during the colder months. Not all of them have wings to help them fly away from a cold climate! So, it is very typical of animals to burrow into the ground to create secure and warm homes in lawns. The results are often large holes or damage to plants and other parts of your yard. Seeding or similar Massachusetts lawn care services can make a huge difference.


  • Excess weed growth

Not only are weeds frustrating to deal with, but they also are a hazard. It’s all too easy for someone to trip over weeds in a yard and hurt themselves. Make sure the plants are gone from your lawn so you can fully enjoy the spring season. If you need help, AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care offers weed control.


  • Overgrown grass

Tall grass is not a great look for your lawn. If you find yourself dealing with long and unruly grass, try mowing the lawn on a day without snow or ice that allows you to get it done. Or, at the very least, make it your priority when it’s time for your grass to get exposed.



Spring is a season of rebirth and the perfect chance to revamp your yard, so it looks its best. For all of your Massachusetts lawn care needs, please do not hesitate to contact AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub care. Give us a call at (617)-327-5555 (West Roxbury location) or (781)-762-7080 (Norwood location).

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