Is Your Pet at Risk?

Cat being examined for ticksWe love our pets. They’re part of the family, give us love and comfort, and are a delight to have around. Of course, they come with their challenges as well! It can be difficult to hit every mark as a pet owner. How many times has your pet eaten something they weren’t meant to, or had an accident on the rug? Since they’re prone to a bit of mischief every so often, making your lawn pet-friendly and pest free is a must. In addition to getting regular maintenance and pest control in MA when you need it, you should bear in mind what pet habits to look out for that expose them to contagious pests.

Poor Hygiene

A lot of pets like to hang out in areas where dirt and other bacteria are present. If your pet hasn’t been to the groomer in a while, it may be time to give them a little bit of TLC. Tick and flea repellents are imperative for healthy pets, especially in the summer. You can find over the counter medication at most pet stores, or your vet can prescribe you the stronger stuff if necessary.

Lack of Supervision

Even if your yard is locked up safely and has no room for your pet to escape, that doesn’t mean that other unwelcome visitors can’t visit. Check in with your dog now and then to make sure they aren’t digging holes or poking their nose into somewhere bugs are building a home.

Remember to Watch for Pests

If your pet is strictly indoors, they are still at risk for pest exposure, especially if the house around them needs pest control in MA. A deep cleaning every so often will keep you, your pets, your family, and any visitors nice and healthy.

You love your pets and want them to feel safe. Even though some insects are bound to show up no matter what, there are a few things you can do to prevent exposure. For quality, affordable, and organic pest control in MA that you can trust, contact AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care!

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