Lawn Care in Boston: Keeping Your Pets Safe

It’s not just us who appreciate all the work we’ve put into our home’s lawns, but our furry friends do as well. “Man’s Best Friend,” loves the fact that you’ve put such a great deal of attention into your lawn care in Boston. Everyone wants their lawn to be a clean, safe place for their family and friends to enjoy. All the work we’ve done to keep our lawn’s healthy; from consistent mowing, to brush removal, and even to mosquito control in MA, has made our lawns places that can be easily enjoyed by ourselves and our dogs.

At AllGreen, we offer lawn programs that work to keep the many diseases spread by pests like mosquitoes and ticks as low as possible. We have lawn programs in MA that repel fleas, ticks, deer, geese, and even ants. And, of course, we specialize in mosquito control in MA. Our organic lawn care methods combined with other lawn care sprays work to ensure that your lawn is as pest free as possible.

It’s still possible, however, for your cat or dog to become victims of those pesky little ticks. Even with perfectly well kept lawn care in Boston, your dog can still become exposed to ticks in a variety of ways. Jogging with your dog, taking your dog to the park, or hiking with your dog can make them exposed to ticks and whatever diseases the pesky little buggers transmit.

An image showing a cat and a dog sitting on someone's lawn.

How to Properly Remove a Tick

If you suspect that your dog may be carrying ticks, it’s time to give him or her a thorough inspection. The first thing you’ll want to do is boil some water for sanitary purposes, get tweezers, a lighter, a comb, or a blow dryer. Make sure that your dog is in a calm state and, depending on how furry your dog is, either use the blow dryer or comb to flatten your dog’s fur in order to see your dog’s skin.

When you find a tick, prepare your tweezers by holding the lighter’s flame to the tweezers for about 6 seconds. This will make sure that the tick pulls its head out when you actually pull the whole body out. If a tick is pulled off of a dog incorrectly, the head of the tick can remain inside the dog, causing sores and a possible infection. Then pull the tick out with the tweezers and place the tick into the boiling water. Repeat this until all ticks are removed from your dog. Then dispose of the ticks in an outside trash can or burry them. This is the safest and cleanest way to get rid of ticks.

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