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Lawn care in MA has never been easier, with one call to “AllGreen Lawn Care” your problems will be solved!

“AllGreen” lawn, tree and shrub care has the knowledgeable and skilled staff to maintain the outside of your home and keep it green up all season long. With such a horrendous summer, mosquitoes have been a plague to Massachusetts this year. “AllGreen” can address Well maintained lawn and pathway.this situation for you immediately. With West Nile, triple E, and Lyme disease being major issues in Massachusetts, addressing them sooner rather than later is your best defense. There have been three deadly human cases in Massachusetts this year. Also, the staff at AllGreen will work in conjunction with your landscaper to keep your trees and lawn nourished and fit. They are very familiar with the soils and plants indigenous to Massachusetts and how to take care of them.

In order to keep that lush green look, your lawn has to be fertilized properly. I’m not talking about one of those simple four step programs that the box stores try to sell you, as they should be five feedings.  I’m talking about a professional program tailored specifically for your lawn’s needs in which you will get up to 30% more fertilizer, and it will be applied according to the types of grasses that you have. Next, our subject is lime. Lime eliminates acidity found in Massachusetts soil, due to the many pine and evergreen trees found in New England. Also, your average person typically puts a crabgrass killer down once, in early spring. However, it should be put down at least twice during the spring, with continued control during the summer. A weed prevention program should follow the same steps. These are the services that you get when you hire a professional team like AllGreen. Not to mention, disease and insect control. With these simple steps, a team like AllGreen can keep your grass looking beautiful all season long. If you have any questions, call the team at AllGreen at (617)327-5555 or look them up on the web at

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