Lawn Care in MA: Keeping Ants Out

Lawn care in MA from AllGreenAs a home or a business owner, you know that one of the most problematic aspects of basic maintenance is lawn care. Lawn care in MA does not have to be as daunting as it seems when you work with AllGreen. Aside from the common aspects of lawn care like watering and mowing, there are a number of other threats to your lawn. The most annoying are pests. Mosquitoes, fleas, bees, hornets, and ticks make up a number of nuisance laden lawn invaders. Each of these can prove to be dangerous; not only to your lawn, but to yourself and others as well. Even deer and geese can ruin lawns by grazing or by carrying pests themselves. However, with proper chemicals provided by AllGreen, organic lawn care in MA can become much less of a threat.

Seemingly innocuous pests can still thrive and invade your home or business. One unfortunate fact is that ants can get into your home or business and multiply inside if the proper measurements to rid your lawn of them aren’t taken.

In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), “Bed bugs are the only insect more difficult to control than ants.” The NPMA went on to say that, “66 % of the most common ants found were carpenter ants.”

Ants can cause considerable damage to homes and businesses. Letting AllGreen take care of your lawn will greatly decrease the possibility that they’ll invade and thrive! We’ll work with you to create a barrier around your foundation to keep ants from overrunning your home or business.

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