Lawn Care in MA: “Winterizing” Your Trees and Shrubs

So winter is descending upon us. After months of summer and fall, minding our lawn care in Massachusetts, we now have to prepare parts of our lawn for the winter months ahead. With the oncoming winter, one part of lawn care in MA that we don’t have to worry about as much is mosquito control. However, we do have to ready our shrubs and our bushes for the winter and their damaging effects on our plant’s leaves.

Winter’s impact on our lawns is made evidently clear when we noticed the browning or wilting of the leaves on our lawn’s plants. Throughout the cold of winter, our plants lose moisture and their root systems are unable to produce enough water for the plant to thrive. This is what we want to avoid. That’s why, at AllGreen, we offer a solution that will protect your plants throughout the winter months.

An image showing dead leaves

How we keep your plants safe

We use an anti-dessicant spray on your plants that basically, “coats” the plant’s leaves and greater protects them from drying out. The cold and winter winds won’t easily be able to suck moisture from your plants. Broadleaf evergreen shrubs are the most susceptible to the winter’s ability to remove moisture from their root systems so should be sprayed with our dormant oil in the late fall/early winter months. Because these trees and similar shrubs do look great on our lawns, a regular “winterizing” spray treatment is your best bet to keep your plants looking their best when the winter finally ends. And hopefully, our expertise regarding lawn care in Massachusetts will yield results that end with the survival and strength of your lawn’s plants.


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