Lawn Care in Massachusetts: Keeping Your Lawn Tick-Free

When it comes to your lawn care in Massachusetts, it’s vitally important to keep in mind the threats posed by pests like ticks and other insects. While many of us may be lulled into a false sense of security because we think that it’s too cold outside for insects to thrive, the truth is that the deer tick is active year round. This is why we provide lawn programs in MA that address issues like mosquito control, deer control, and geese control.

Mosquito control in MA, as well as deer and tick control are services we’ve provided for years now so have become all too familiar with the behavior of common pests that threaten our lawns and homes. Most tick species actually wait out the winter months in an almost hibernation state, called a diapause state, where they don’t look for a host to provide them with a blood meal. However, and unfortunately for us, the deer tick doesn’t go into this diapause state during the winter months. Instead, they hungrily search for living hosts like deer to provide them with a blood meal. And this means that, any time we spend outdoors, we could still be exposed to the pesky behavior of deer ticks and the many diseases they’re well known for transmitting.

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A line of deer ticks

Deer ticks can actually sense the carbon dioxide in our breath, the heat of our bodies, and the vibrations of our steps when we walk. They’re also prone to lay wait in leaves, grass, brush, and woodlands around our lawns, hoping to make contact with us. And, if they find their way through your clothes and onto your skin, it’s very likely that you could be bitten and exposed to whatever type of tick-borne diseases that tick might be carrying.

This is why our lawn programs in MA are so important to, not only the health of your lawn, but to the health of you, your family, and your friends as well. To stop ticks in their tracks, we provide applications using a combination of granular and liquid treatments that help to rid your lawn of the pesky little bloodsuckers. Our lawn programs in MA also address deer control. Deer are the number one carrier for deer ticks and can easily occupy our lawns without our knowledge. Using a liquid organic treatment on select plant material, our deer repellent helps to keep your lawn free of deer and the deer ticks they may be carrying.

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