Lawn Mower Maintenance

The snow has melted, and the mower is out.  Your entire weekend has been dedicated to yard work.  You attempt to start up your lawn mower for the first time, and nothing happens.  Most people don’t realize that lawn mower maintenance can be just as important as your car maintenance. Although the schedule is not as intense, yearly maintenance will keep your mower running efficiently.  Before heading out to tackle the yard, contact Allgreen Lawn Care to give your mower the annual TLC it deserves.

Spark Plugs

If your mower is having trouble starting, or not starting at all, chances are the spark plugs need replacement.  Like most vehicles, if your too persistent on starting a machine that doesn’t cooperate, you could flood the engine.  Regular replacement of the spark plugs provides peace of mind with a consistent, reliable start-up.

Oil Changes

As with any piece of equipment that requires oil; clean oil is needed for performance. Your oil should be changed at least once per season.  It is essential to choose the right type of oil and to know how much is needed.  If you no longer have the original manual, there are online tools to help you determine the proper needs. Variables such as engine size and environmental climate are considerations in choosing the best oil. In general, push mowers should have an oil change every 50 hours or, at minimum, annually.  Ride-on mowers should have their oil changed every 100 hours of usage or annually.

Air Filters

A clean, untorn air filter has many benefits.  Maintaining the correct fuel to air ratio will help your mower burn less gas.  Also, an air filter free of tears prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine. There are three different types of air filters.  Replacement depends on the type of filter your lawn mower utilizes. A foam filter can be cleaned with soap and water and potentially reused. However, a paper filter will almost always need replacement.  Some companies also offer a combination filter composed of foam and paper.  The recommended use for an air filter is 25 hours or annual replacement, whichever comes first.

Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure multiple times throughout the season is a good habit.  Uneven pressure can cause uneven cutting. Uneven tire pressure can also affect the steering of a ride-on mower.


Blades can be sharpened up to  3 times a year.  If there are bends or dents in your blade, be sure to replace it right away. A damaged blade will tear your grass instead of cutting it. Resulting in a lawn susceptible to disease.


Not only extending the life of your mower,  yearly maintenance can also increase your fuel economy and reduce repair costs or replacement.  Before you head outside to tackle spring cleanup, contact the professionals at Allgreen Lawn Care.  Offering lawn mower repair and tune-up service, they will be sure to have your machine running at optimum performance.  Contact Jeff today at (781) 762-7080.


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