MA Mosquito Control: Fending Off West Nile Virus

Child lovingly embraces his pet dogIt’s a matter of fact that most cases of West Nile virus occur during the months of July, August, and September. This is why now, as we head into the summer season, MA mosquito control is of extreme importance. Thinking of summer time should mean making memories of spending quality time with your friends and family outdoors, not of living in a state of fear. No one should have to spend their entire summer in fear of catching the dreaded virus. Instead, let AllGreen provide you with environmentally safe, non-toxic, effective mosquito control that will let you rest easy knowing that your lawn isn’t a threat to you, or your family’s, health.

Since the first U.S. case of West Nile virus was reported back in 1999, we’ve unfortunately only seen it become an ever increasing threat across North America. Its first outbreak in the U.S. occurred in New York City shortly thereafter and it has gone on to become one of the world’s most prolific mosquito-borne viruses. Even in mild cases, the symptoms of West Nile virus can be incredibly debilitating to a person and, in severe cases, it can lead to inflammation of the brain and even coma. This is why MA mosquito control is such an essential service to the health and well being of you and your family.

Symptoms of the Swarm

When a person is bit by a mosquito carrying West Nile virus, symptoms can become present in only 3-14 days. During the best case scenario, if a person develops the mild form of the virus, it can leave them with a fever for 5 days, a severe headache for about 10 days, and still leave them feeling weak and tired for over a month. In a worst case scenario, if West Nile virus is able to infect the brain and/or spinal cord, a person can have long lasting health problems even after the illness is gone. Symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease are associated with severe cases of West Nile virus. An infected person can experience paralysis, personality changes, memory loss, and seizures for a significant amount of time after their initial exposure.

West Nile virus is easily spread because it’s become so prolific in the animal kingdom. It has been found in over 100 types of birds and a variety of mammals, including horses and household pets like dogs and cats. The virus is usually transmitted when a mosquito feeds on an infected bird and then feeds on an uninfected bird. The virus is able to build up in the bird and, when a mosquito then bites that bird, it becomes infected and has the potential to pass the virus on to humans. Professional MA mosquito control is the best defense against West Nile virus and AllGreen is the company that can best provide you with a safe, worry-free lawn.

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