5 Reasons MA Mosquito Control Isn’t An Option



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With the uncertainties of today’s world, everyday tasks are being put to the side. However, when it comes to MA mosquito control, treatments are not an option. Mosquitos are host to a variety of diseases that may cause mild to severe symptoms in you or your family members. Although you can implement certain measures to keep these pests somewhat at bay, professional control programs are always the best options. Here’s why.



You can’t kill them all

Did you know there are a reported 3,000 different types of mosquitos worldwide? Of that number, 150 species have been found throughout North America, 51 of those in Massachusetts. So, as you can imagine, preventative DIY measures are great, but it’s not going to stop an army.




MA mosquito control is ongoing

By investing in a professional mosquito control program, you’ll have an ongoing solution that lasts longer than the life cycle. A mosquito goes through four stages of life – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Once the mosquito hits the adult phase, a female can live up to two weeks, a male one week.



Protecting your family isn’t so easy

Without the proper treatment, you and your family are open targets to mosquitos. Below are a few ways you can deter a few of these pests:

  • Avoid wearing blue or floral patterns. Believe it or not, mosquitos are attracted to specific colors and patterns.
  • Invest in a repellent that meets your needs. There is much controversy over DEET, the active ingredient in several pest repellents. Be sure to research your product before deciding which is best for your family.
  • Plant lemongrass around your yard. Although this isn’t a solve-all, mosquitos aren’t fans of the scent.
  • Create outdoor spaces with screening. Being outdoors isn’t quite the same in an enclosure, but it’s the best way to avoid bites if you haven’t invested in a pest control program.

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During a time where many families are stir-crazy from being homebound, getting outdoors is imperative. So, MA mosquito control becomes even more crucial! Don’t wait until your yard is infested; contact our team today to learn more about our pest control programs.

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