Massachusetts Lawn Care: Keeping you Safe from Falling Trees

As winter descends upon us, all of us in New England know that we have to prepare ourselves for the harsh weather’s damaging effects. The threat of wind storms, snow storms, and blizzards looms above everything we do; especially in regards to lawn care in Massachusetts. At AllGreen, we’ve specialized in Massachusetts lawn care long enough to have seen numerous examples of the catastrophic damage that can be incurred by harsh weather. As the inevitable New England winter’s snowfall piles on us, it’s of utmost importance to take stock of your lawn’s bushes, shrubs, and surrounding trees.

Winter’s Damaging Effects

During the winter months in New England, snow and ice weigh heavier and heavier on your lawn’s trees and shrubs. As the weight increases on leaves, branches, and shrubs, they are more and more likely to break off and cause damage to surrounding areas. Snow laden trees often crack and fall onto power lines, causing mass power outages. This is unfortunately one of the best case scenarios, because damaged trees can also fall onto your car, home, or even you and your family. A tree’s debris can also be a hazard. All the cracked branches and massive sections of broken trees can make their way onto major roads and driveways.

An image showing a snow falling onto a car and a house during winter.

At AllGreen, one of our lawn programs in MA is pruning and brush removal. Because it’s usually the dead or dying branches of trees that are the first to fall due to a heavy amount of snow, we hand prune these problematic trees, focusing on the branches and debris most likely to fall and cause damage. We’ll also provide limb and small tree removal as well as remove brush.

If you’re interested in having your lawn assessed for problematic vegetation, contact AllGreen at: (617)-327-5555.

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