Advantages of Massachusetts Mosquito Control

The Advantages of Mosquito Control around Your Massachusetts Lawn

Avoid Severe Disease

West Nile virus (WNV) or Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE or Triple-E) become prevalent in the Massachusetts areas once mosquito seasons get underway. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health monitors the viral mosquito outbreaks based on controlled human data and risk maps.

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It is common to think that the greater Westwood and Eastern Massachusetts area is safe and out of harm’s way, but what makes the strains so dangerous is the fact that they travel. If you have not taken the right precautions to control your yard from mosquitoes, the mosquitoes in your yard could be vessels of the problem.

We offer a variety of mosquito spray packages that deter and control mosquitoes from transmitting these diseases to you and your family.

AllGreen lawn care understands that properly balanced programs complement each other around your landscape. If any insect population, especially mosquitoes, retains a critical mass, they will do damage to an area. A tablespoon of water can hatch up to hundreds of mosquitoes in as little as 72 hours! While home owners may take precautions such as pesticides or mosquito repellent into their own hands, mosquitoes may still be breeding in places that you wouldn’t expect. A general rule of thumb is that mosquitoes flying around your lawn were probably born on your lawn.

Mosquitoes may breed in the following areas of difficult pest control:

  • Trash
  • Puddles
  • Ash trays
  • Bird baths
  • Bottle caps
  • Flower pots
  • Anything left out that will allow for water accumulation

Damage Control

It is bad enough to deal with pests such as mosquitoes when trying to enjoy a night on your lawn, but it’s even worse when their bites have detrimental effects on other parts of your life.

Mosquito bites can irritate the skin long after you have initially been bitten. They cause skin irritation such as allergies and dry skin. The irritating bites can lead to excessive scratching that damages skin.


Nothing quite disturbs a night of sleep like mosquito bites. You become hyper-aware of the bitten areas when your mind is trying to clear itself. If you control the mosquitoes around your lawn, you will control your sleep patterns as well.

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