Information Regarding EEE

Information about EEE & Mosquito Control in Massachusetts

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, also known as triple-E, or (EEEV), is transmitted to humans through mosquitos. Mosquito control in Massachusetts has been rising annually in awareness due to children and citizens becoming sick with viruses. There are many viruses that mosquitoes can transmit, and although the triple-E virus is rare, there are reports of it each year.

Most cases of the EEE virus occur around the Gulf Coast and greater Atlantic Coast.

Mosquito Control Massachusetts, EEE InfoSymptoms of the EEE virus
When somebody is first infected with the EEE virus, they do not show any early onset symptoms. This is what makes mosquito control in Massachusetts, and awareness of the disease, so important. Victims are then suddenly struck with migraines, a spiked fever, chills, and vomiting. Symptoms often progress to seizures, coma, and vertigo in the infected party. In many cases, long term brain damage can by caused to victims due to inflammation of the brain. The EEE virus is very severe and a strong argument for why mosquito control should not be taken lightly in Massachusetts.

The EEE virus has a one in three mortality rate! There is no clear-cut treatment for the virus, but an active effort for mosquito control in Massachusetts can be a preventative step.

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Here are a few simple steps to protect you and your family from the EEE virus:

  • Professional mosquito control in MA – Many local companies have sprays that can control the amount of mosquitoes and pests on your property.
  • Bug spray – It may seem simple and straight forward, but remember that it only takes one mosquito bite to transmit the disease. It is always a good idea to have bug spray at hand when spending time outdoors.
  • Mosquito Repellents – There are many types of products that can repel mosquitoes. Your local grocery stores may sell candles, incents, or even nets to prevent the pests from getting to you.

But remember, professional mosquito control in Massachusetts is the best method to protect against mosquitos long-term.

Our Services Help Prevent EEE

We spray for mosquitos and help eliminate them, their eggs, and their threat. Our lawn care professionals can eliminate the threat of mosquitos within your yard, and for a reason. Not only is EEE infectious and dangerous, but it has 35% mortality rate. Compared toWNV with a 1% mortality rate this is very high. Even worse, once you’re infected you can’t be cured, you can only be treated. Most of these treatments require hospitalization.

Owners of horses or livestock should be concerned specially. Vaccinations are available for horses, but if your horses aren’t vaccinated they are at risk. Horses are the primary target of mosquitos and there have been cases of thirty horses being killed at once.

Our professional spraying makes sure that the mosquitos’ offspring aren’t left behind, adult mosquitos are killed, and any remaining larvae are dead as well. This prevent you or your children from falling sick from EEE or WNV and will leave you worry free.

For our other professional landscaping services contact us or check out our website. We offer a variety of lawn and yard care services that not only can leave your lawn safe from pests, but that can also help your yard look much nicer.

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