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Is bug spray bad for your skin?
At what point in MA mosquito control are you beginning to do more harm than good? Some bug sprays are could be more of a hazard to your health than pests and mosquitoes.

The Chemistry of Bug Spray
Generally speaking, all bug sprays are composed of a different chemistry. However, some repellents may not be the healthiest for your skin. In some cases taking MA mosquito control “into your own hands” and coating your skin can cause irritation and dryness.

DEET – Some believe that the chemical DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-tolumide) can be dangerous. DEET is found in many of your common bug sprays and can potentially harm skin cells. If you have ever been sprayed in the eyes with bug spray, or gotten it in your mouth, you can taste an unnatural twang.

What harm can it do?
The substance can have unintended effects on cells if sprayed over open cuts. Studies have found that the chemical can interfere with vital enzymes in the nervous system of insects, and that it may also affect mammals such as us. If you are not careful with your bug spray applications, MA mosquito control can become a bigger problem than the mosquitoes themselves.

Please adhere to the following instructions for your own safety:

  • Keep out of eyes and mouth
  • Don’t apply bug spray over cuts
  • Be sure to spray in ventilated areas
  • Wash hands with soap and water after application

If used as directed, most MA mosquito control sprays will not harm you.

Cheap alternatives to DEET for MA mosquito control

Picaridin – Picaridin comes from a pepper in Australia. It will offer the same MA mosquito control benefits for the majority of your day. It does not smell and isn’t as sticky.

IR3535 – This formulation is said to be very effective for MA mosquito control and has not yielded adverse effects.

Be sure to check the labels of your bug sprays the next time you are shopping to be sure what they contain.

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