Mosquito Control in Massachusetts: Local Man is First of the Year to Contract West Nile Virus

Last year, eight people in MassachusMosquito control in Massachusetts from AllGreenetts were reported to have had West Nile virus and, now, the state has seen its first human case of the 2014. According to an Aug. 23rd Boston Globe article entitled, “Mass. man diagnosed with West Nile virus,” it has been reported that a man in his 60s from Middlesex County is the first Massachusetts resident to have become infected with West Nile virus this year. This story highlights the very real need for mosquito control in Massachusetts.

Mosquitoes are some of the most insidious carriers of viruses and diseases and, unfortunately, they are highly prevalent in New England. Avoiding mosquito bites is something we have to contend with every summer but, with AllGreen at your side, you can undergo professional mosquito control in Massachusetts and rest easy knowing that you’re doing everything in your power to make your property as safe as possible.

Stay Safe this Summer

We offer a wide array of mosquito control packages that can suit any budget and any property. Investing in mosquito control in Massachusetts is one of the wisest decisions a property owner can make this summer. This especially rings true given the fact that this first case of West Nile virus has been reported. This means that we’re living in an area where there are both birds and mosquitoes carrying the virus already.

In the same Boston Globe article, it is reported that an adult from Conway, N.H. was diagnosed with Eastern equine encephalitis just weeks ago. This is another, more serious, disease spread by mosquitoes that threatens the safety of everyone out doors in New England. In studies conducted in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the presence of West Nile virus and Eastern equine has been detected in samples of common mosquitoes. It is stories like these that remind us why mosquito control in Massachusetts is such an important service to take advantage of.

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