Mosquito Season Underway: How to Protect Yourself and Family

If you’ve been outside recently, you know that mosquito season has arrived.  With the many rainy days here in New England, this year especially, it’s imperative to take mosquito control in MA serious.  Although many cities have begun their annual pest control routine for public areas, your property is still exposed.  With the expertise of professionals like Allgreen Lawn, you can ensure your family safety as they enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Stagnant Water

Perhaps you have items laying around the yard that puddle water.  If so, be sure to drain or remove these, as mosquitos love water.  Mosquito lay eggs which later hatch into larva.  Both of these occur in standing water sources.  Thus, old tires, kids pools or buckets, or even that neglected bird bath become prime spots of support for the mosquito population.

Fashion Matters

Although it seems crazy, mosquitos are attracted to certain colors and patterns.  Dark colors, as well as bright, are magnets to these pesky bugs.  As many of us prefer to lounge about in jeans on the weekend, it may not prove to be the best choice if spending time outdoors.  Similarly, mosquitos are drawn to floral patterns.  Of course, summer months are the best months for this type of fashion.  However, planning ahead for outdoor events when it comes to your wardrobe is essential with MA mosquito control.

Save Money

If you sit back and calculate how much money is spent in one season on mosquito control, you may be surprised at the result.  The typical New Englander will spend hundreds on self-prevention methods. With the cost invested in chemically made body sprays, yard sprays, candles, and everything in between, you could hire a professional company to effectively protect you.


Affordable and effective, Allgreen Lawn offers a variety of MA mosquito control programs perfect for any budget.  Further, Allgreen offers organic treatment options for those looking for a safer way to protect their pets and loved ones.  If you’re in the market for mosquito control methods, consider contacting Allgreen Lawn today.  Call them at (617) 327.5555, or visit them online to view their full list of services available.

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