Synthetic Vs. Organic Lawn Care in Massachusetts

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One of the most common questions our team is asked regarding lawncare programs regards an understanding between synthetic and organic lawn care in Massachusetts. What are the differences, and is organic treatment really worth the investment? At AllGreen, many of our fertilizers used are organic-based, here’s why.


Understanding how fertilizer works

When it comes to the great fertilizer debate, one needs to start with an understanding of how fertilizer works. Although there’s a lot of scientific reactions involved, here’s the simplified version:

The active ingredients in fertilizer are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen makes the grass green, phosphorus promotes root development and strength, and potassium is food that extends over a period of time, droughts, and other less than ideal conditions.


All fertilizers contain NPK

The difference between synthetic and organic fertilizers thus becomes a matter of where the NPK is derived from. Synthetic solutions are made from chemicals. Organic solutions obtain ingredients from natural sources such as biosolids, manure, and other protein byproducts.


The answer is in your soil

Believe it or not, fertilizers aren’t just about your grass, but they’re also about your soil. While synthetic fertilizers are known for weed prevention and lush green results, they do not address soil health. Synthetic solutions address the surface or the curb appeal of your lawn.

On the other hand, organic fertilizers will enhance your soil conditions. Why does this matter? Your grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers all have roots. Those root systems determine the success and longevity of your landscaping. Although organic solutions may cost more upfront, you’ll need fewer applications over time as your soil and root conditions improve and strengthen.


Your family, your pets, and the environment matter

Unlike synthetic lawn programs that need to settle before contact, organic lawn care programs provide safety. Because there are no harsh chemicals, your little ones can run across the lawn after treatment, your dog can eat the grass, and the environment will thank you.


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AllGreen is a local, family-oriented, and environmentally conscious company specializing in organic lawn care for Massachusetts. Since 1999, we have helped residential and commercial customers obtain the lush green lawns they’ve always desired with minimal impact on the Earth and their family’s safety.

For more information on the various programs offered, contact our team today at (781) 762-7080 for your free estimate.

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