Park closures in Hanover after EEE detected

HANOVER ( – All town parks and fields in Hanover will be temporarily closed at night, officials say. State workers have detected traces of Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus, or EEE, in a mosquito pool.

The Patriot Ledger reports,
“The virus, which is transmitted to humans by mosquito, was found in a sample taken on Oct. 20. Hanover officials say the parks will remain closed at night until the town experiences its first “killing frost,” with temperatures below 32 degrees.

There is no treatment for EEE and about half of the people known to have had the disease in Massachusetts have died from it, according to the state Office of Health and Human Services. People who survive EEE will often experience permanent disabilities.”

EEE is frequently found in mosquitoes in southeastern Massachusetts.

State officials advise residents in effected areas to use mosquito repellant, wear clothing that covers arms and legs, and avoid spending long periods of time outside after dusk.

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