Professional Lawn Care in Boston Doesn’t Stop When the Snow Starts!

Lawn care in Boston from AllGreenAfter being repeatedly belted by harsh winter storms in New England, our landscapes can take quite a beating. For months at a time, we may not even see our property’s grass. Instead, our lawns are blanketed by white snow and that may lull us into a false sense of security – living under the impression that our landscapes are merely in dormant stages and don’t require as much maintenance as they normally would. However, lawn care in Boston shouldn’t stop just because the snow starts.

There are a number of services you can take advantage of today, even while in the midst of a severe New England winter, that can greatly benefit your lawn in the long run. Core aeration, for example, can be an especially beneficial service to have done this time of year. While all the snow and winter debris piles up on our lawns, the soil can become extremely compact, creating an environment that makes it hard for essential nutrients, oxygen and water to be able to travel throughout the lawn’s root system. Without undergoing professional aeration procedures, your landscape’s grass, trees and shrubs can become extremely weak – making them more susceptible to the harmful effects of winter.

Things You Can Do

This is but one example of why professional lawn care in Boston is still necessary during the winter season. However, because AllGreen believes that informed customers are happy customers, we’d like to share a few things that you can do to help facilitate the growth of a healthy lawn come spring time. One important thing you can do is to clean up your landscape. Leaving leaves, debris or toys out on your lawn can smother it – creating disease conditions and inviting insects, mice and other damaging pests to your lawn. So remember to keep your lawn clear, even if it is under a wealth of snow.

You must also be aware of vehicle and foot traffic on your lawn during the winter months. Grass is strong enough to withstand a reasonable amount of disturbance, but heavily worn patches will be slower to become lush come spring time and have soil that is significantly compacted. Another thing you can do to defend your lawn against the ravages of winter is to be aware of the weather. If you know that there is an impending storm or harsh freeze coming in, chipping away at snow and ice in a low spot in your lawn will let the brunt of the incoming snow storm retreat from the higher areas of your lawn and collect into the pool you’ve made, reducing the area affected by winter weather.

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