Professional Lawn Care in MA: Why You Need Winter Moth Tree Sprays Today!

Lawn care in MA from AllGreenAs we always say here at AllGreen, lawn care in MA is an important, year-round job. Just because temperatures drop and our lawns are blanketed by a sea of white snow doesn’t mean that yard activity goes into some kind of dormant stage. Soil becomes compacted and needs aeration, trees and shrubs need pruning in order to remain healthy and resilient little pests like ticks and winter moths still pose a threat to the overall health of our lawns’ ecosystems.

The winter moth is a particularly rugged insect that is able to withstand the chilling effects of winter and has the potential to ruin the trees and shrubs in lawns all across New England. Over the past decade or so, many Massachusetts residents have reported seeing an abundance of moths appearing from around Thanksgiving and throughout the winter months. There has also been a substantial uptick in reports of the defoliation of many deciduous trees in MA as well. Deciduous trees like maple and oak trees have experienced severe defoliation by what was first blamed on the fall cankerworm but what University of Massachusetts scientists now know to be the work of the winter moth.

Saving Your Landscape

In order to make your lawn’s trees and shrubs less susceptible to the damaging effects of winter moths, AllGreen recommends that you let us provide you with professional lawn care in MA. We utilize effective winter moth tree sprays to make your lawn’s trees and shrubs less attractive to winter moths looking for a healthy host tree on which to lay their eggs. In caterpillar form, winter moths set up shop in deciduous trees during the winter months and, when their larvae hatch, their offspring burrow through and feed off of healthy tree and shrub branches. This is what leads to significant defoliation of the many deciduous trees that are common here in New England.

Generally, winter moth tree sprays are applied during late winter, early spring – depending on temperature and host plant species. This is the time when winter moth larvae are almost hatching and preventative measures are necessary to keep their host trees healthy. Letting AllGreen provide you with professional lawn care in MA and effective winter moth tree sprays works to ensure the overall health of your landscape. We can help you keep your lawn’s trees and shrubs strong and healthy so call us today for a free estimate!

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