Protecting Your Pets Against Lyme Disease

Veterinarian examining a cat

Our dogs, cats, and other pets who frequent the outdoors are essential parts of our family. AllGreen can understand wanting to protect them the same way we protect our children and other loved ones. Ticks are always a concern for pet owners in New England. In fact, nearly 50% of dogs in the Northeast test positive for Lyme Disease, an infection that is transmitted to humans and animals by ticks. With these high rates, there are a few different tick control methods MA residents utilize to prevent these cases from happening.


Often, vets will suggest vaccines that can help protect against Lyme Disease from occurring when an animal is bit. These suggestions are made based on the individual animal and not necessarily a standard, “one-size-fits-all” option.

Topical medication

Though some vaccines can help prevent Lyme Disease from occurring, other tick-borne illnesses can occur. Collars can be used as a preventative measure, as they repel ticks from biting. Topical medications are usually applied to a pet’s skin once a month.

Yard treatment

Though both vaccines and other preventative measures are suggested, there is a great solution many homeowners can invest in when it comes to their own yard. Yard treatment for ticks can be completed by professionals that can drastically decrease the chances of ticks creating problems for our animals and family members. This service, mixed with the other two prevention methods, are ideal for pet owners.

Fortunately, there are tick control services in Massachusetts which can be completed to your lawn that is safe for pets. AllGreen can provide a combination of granular and liquid treatments that will protect both your pets and loved ones from the harmful viruses that can be carried by ticks.

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