Rare Tick Disease Found in CT Baby

Though it is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month, many other tick-related illnesses will come into Tick in a the palm of a person's handlight following the predictions of professionals who believe the upcoming 2017 seasons will be the worst yet for these insects. As a business that provides tick control to MA residents, the AllGreen professionals stay up-to-date on the findings in and around these homes.

At the end of April, The Washington Post released an article regarding a 5-month-old baby who began suffering from stiffening of his right arm, seizures, and facial twitching in November. The parents brought the child to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to start testing. When an MRI revealed a severe infection, doctors searched for a solution. It was found that two weeks previous to hospital admittance, a tick was removed from the child’s knee, which likely had been carried into the home by another individual.

The infectious disease specialist on the case found through the symptoms, connection to Powassan virus disease, a rare tick-borne illness. Though Powassan has been found in ticks in Connecticut in the past, the CDC confirmed this instance as the first human case in the state. Some of the symptoms of this disease include fever, vomiting, loss of coordination, headache, speech difficulties, and more. There is no specific treatment plan or cure Powassan virus disease.

Fortunately, because of a variety of treatments, the child is on the mend for a full recovery. Though this incident might have been unusual, it’s always in the best interest of your family and pets to provide the best protection against tick bites as possible.

AllGreen can provide you with the tick control in Massachusetts you need to safeguard against these threats. We can provide you with the lawn treatment plan necessary for the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

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