Red Thread Disease

organic lawn care MassachusettsA common lawn disease seen this time of year is known as red thread disease.  The fungal infection earned its name because of the red or pink webbing, or thread, appearance it creates in your lawn.  The thin strands protrude from grass blades and thrive in warm, moisture-rich environments. With regular organic lawn care in Massachusetts, you can ensure a healthy lawn for years to come.


Early Stages

Even though red thread disease thrives in warmer climates, it develops in cooler, moist temperatures.  For instance, early spring and fall are the ideal times for the fungus to root itself into the soil of your yard.  Areas that are poor in nutrition are the most susceptible to developing the disease.  Since the fungus can survive for years, it’s imperative to treat infected areas to stop further spreading.



One of the leading causes of red thread disease is poor soil nutrition.  More specifically, low levels of nitrogen within the soil.  Because it is the most important element for plant growth, nitrogen is the key element to a healthy lawn.  If you’re leaning towards an organic lawn care routine, items such as manures and natural composts can be used.  These elements are best for a slow release that ensures no damage to your landscaping.



Although the disease is relatively harmless, red thread is a warning sign that it is time to fertilize your lawn.  Having a nutritionally balanced yard will deter red thread from establishing itself.  With proper fertilization, as well as compost, your lawn will be back to its optimal state before you know it. 

However, some choose the route of using chemical fungicides to treat their lawn.  Although these products were developed to produce results without harming the lawn, precaution is needed.  If your home is host to pets and children, organic lawn care in Massachusetts will ensure the safest solution.


If you’re unsure about what may be affecting your lawn, call Allgreen Lawn Care today.  Experts in the lawn care industry, our professionals can assess and help with lawn disease.  Providing organic lawn care in Massachusetts, we will not only have your yard back to a healthy state, but we’ll also keep your family and pets safe.  Visit us online or call us today at (781) 762-7080.

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